Warlord Raiders
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Infantry
Units: 5
Defense: Light Infantry
Sight: 35
Health: 120
Mobility: 4.5
Damage: 120-160
Range: 20
Icon gold
= 1,000

Icon gem
= 120


Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability Shotgun Blast
2nd ability Self Heal

Desert bandits, Saharan Saboteurs and Sand Wraiths are among the countless nicknames that the infantry of the African warlords have received. African Raiders has become the generally accepted umbrella term for the rag-tag hordes that have taken up arms against their colonial masters. African Raiders are the numberless native Africans who began the fight against their oppressors. Such is the militia like nature of the infantry that raiders come from a large variety of backgrounds including many professions that spawn from such a wild and untameable landscape as Africa; poachers, trackers, hunters, park rangers, and armed escorts all have survivalist skills that have been helpfully passed onto the traditional home defenders and freedom fighters that normally fight in such a revolution.

The varying skill sets and expertise means that African Raiders lack uniformity, with leadership authority not surviving farther than local borders, the armies of the warlords are following many divergent ideologies and strategies where orders are often given by figures with little knowledge or care of the larger situation. Similarly, little thought has been placed into an overarching structure of standard equipment; many of the arms that are currently in use by African Raiders were originally used in the owner’s pre war profession, taken by force from the former colonial masters, pirated from the nautical trade lanes surrounding Africa or scavenged from the battlefield. Many of these arms have fallen into disrepair anyway, whether it is from the ever permeating desert sand or the lack of widespread knowledge of firearm maintenance means that much of the equipment is unreliable and replacements are constantly sought after.

Armour and military clothing is a similar affair, many raiders have little choice to wear their own civilian clothing meanwhile any form of more advanced protection is a rarity even if often in bad condition.

WAR Raider 3DPortrait Base


WAR Raider 3DPortrait Nomad


WAR Raider 3DPortrait Persian


WAR Raider 3DPortrait Zulu


WAR Raider 3DPortrait Shaka2


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