CAR Airboat Portrait
Faction: Latin Junta
Class: Light Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 100
Mobility: 12
Damage: 50-100
Range: 50
Icon gold
= 2000

Icon gem
= 240


Weapon Rending/Poison
1st ability Nail Gun Burst
2nd ability Toxin Pool

As vast swaths of land in South America were filled with difficult terrain and marshlands, The Brigadas Revolucionarias needed a vehicle that was able to ignore such hostile terrain. It was for this purpose that the airboat was created, reverse engineering ruins of Republic Hover Platforms for its base method of movement. As it was initially used for naval combat against trading vessels crossing the rivers and oceans surrounding Latin America, its primary weapons were nail guns, used to slow hostile vessels to a halt for more heavily armed troopers to engage. As the Airboat made the transition from a gunboat to a land vehicle, it was also given a toxic sludge to block off paths in the treacherous jungles.

While the details of its first deployment isn't exactly well known, Republic sources have first sighted these vehicles at the hands of the infamous Che Guevera, who used them to devastating effect against lightly armoured Republic trading vessels.

No skins.

The airboat is a great light vehicle. It deals Rending, which is superior to Anti-Infantry and will easily kill Jeeps and technicals as well. Note that it cannot hit aircraft, however.

The secondary ability is good to use in choke points. In jungle maps its hard to see the poison and so enemy infantry can accidentally pass through damaging themselves.

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