EMP Devastator Portrait
Class: Heavy Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 50
Health: 600
Mobility: 3
Damage: 300-400/200-300
Range: 80-160/0-36
Costs: Gold = 16500

Gems = 1980

Deploy = 8E 6C

Weapon Concussive/Fire
1st ability Cannon Battery
2nd ability Inferno

Throughout the conflict that is gripping the world, the Shogun Empire has focused its armies on their traditional strengths of light and fast vehicles combined with highly trained and specialized infantry. The “Akuma” class land ship is a step in a diagonally different direction of the traditional imperial doctrine.

With its introduction to the battlefields, Imperial commanders have adopted a new strategy called “Flowing torrents”. The strategy entails an approach to assaulting the enemy positions that focusses on the speed of the empire armies anchored in the middle by the “Akuma”, like a rock in the middle of the flow.

Its ponderous movement speed differs from other empire vehicles but is more than compensated by extremely heavy steel armor capable of withstanding a direct shot from a siege tank. What makes the “Akuma” truly fearsome is its formidable array of weaponry. Armed with three 200 mm battleship guns as well as a supplement of secondary weaponry such as flamethrowers, the Akuma is well equipped to take on any challenge with condescending ease. Reports from battlefields speak of “Akuma” land ships crushing siege tanks under their treads.

In its first engagements against the United Republic, the landships advanced implacably against the republican battle line, shrugging off almost all fire that came at them with almost contemptuous ease. Howitzers weren’t able to dent the armor and anything on the field such as anti-vehicle regiments and mechanized units weren’t able to stop the advance and were obliterated by the heavy battleship guns. These landships are the heaviest vehicle to be brought on the battlefields and offers imperial commanders a significant boost to their armored regiments.

No skins.

Katana strike is a melee range hunting attack. Cooldown 2 turns.

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