It is often noted that except for names and positions, one territory is pretty much like another in strategic terms. But many players want more strategic get something more for conquering a territory besides bragging rights and the chance to attack a neighboring territory. Therefore let the game have a new "strategic currency" in the form of Attack Points, or APs. Each territory would have an AP value ranging from 2-20. That is the number of APs it would provide the faction holding it at the start of the day, and also the cost for an enemy faction to attack it. At the start of the day, each faction's APs would be totaled up from all territories it currently controls, including contested ones that have not yet changed hands. This would be added to any leftover, unspent APs from the previous day, so APs would accumulate.

APs would be used in conjunction with the existing 3 attack limit system. This would help prevent a single rogue HC member from wasting all a faction's APs at once. If the system works well and the Proposed Changes to Faction Governance. are also it adapted, APs may replace the 3 attack limit, so that factions may conduct as many offensives as they like, long as they have the APs to pay for them.  

Each faction would also have a Capital territory, worth 20 points plus a 20 point bonus to its faction if they hold it. So to lose one's capital would effectively cost a faction 40 APs, while the conquering faction would gain 20. The capitals would be as follows: AW=Kenya, EA=West Germany, LJ=Brasilia, SE=Shanghai, SU=Moscow (of course), UR=Ontario.  

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