UNI BA10 Portrait
Class: Light Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Light Armour
Sight: 40
Health: 100
Mobility: 5
Damage: 60-80
Costs: Gold = 1,100

Gems = 135

Deploy = 2 E

Weapon Anti-Armour
1st ability Recon Team
2nd ability None

The Soviet Union has lost many campaigns over the course of the Great War due to many reasons. However, the most apparent and damaging was the fact that the People’s Army lacked a proper scouting unit, as Soviet Generals found no need for scouting units in human wave tactics. When this issue was noted by Soviet High Command, the Union’s top engineers were immediately given the task of resolving this issue with limited funds. The fruits of their labor was the BA-10 Scouting Vehicle.

Essentially, the BA-10 is a modified variant of the People’s Truck. The radio and command gear previously outfitted on the iconic truck has been removed for reconnaissance gear and a light cannon for self defense. In order to minimize the weight of the vehicle for ease of production, the standard BA-10s are given only parts of the standard recon package considered necessary. This may seem to be a foolish method to cut the cost of production for some, but the fact that BA-10s are usually deployed in wolf packs makes this issue of dependency rather irrelevant. In fact, this partial specialization allows the crew of the BA-10 to increase its range of vision for every additional BA-10 in the vicinity while making these intriguing vehicles cheap enough for junior officers to deploy readily against armored targets.

The crew that man the BA-10 has also seen a general overhaul, composed of prospective crewmen for the beloved Bear Tank. As only those who prove themselves within the BA-10 are given the chance to man the Bear Tanks and the walkers, the casualty rate amongst the crew of the BA-10 is very high. The fact that the BA-10 contributes profoundly in combat with its high field of vision does not seem to help either.

UNI BA10 3DPortrait Base


UNI BA10 3DPortrait EasternFront

Eastern Front

UNI BA10 3DPortrait NightWitches

Night Witches

UNI BA10 3DPortrait Siberian


UNI BA10 3DPortrait Airborn


UNI BA10 3DPortrait Bellorus


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