ALI BunkerDrop Portrait
Deploy cost:
Effect: Deploys a Armored bunker.

European armies are overly fond of utilizing armored divisions to punch major holes in enemy lines. This works in favor of conquering as much territory as possible, but leaves large tracts of land being left undefended and open for ambushes. To compensate for this gaping weakness in The Alliance’s military doctrine, engineers created makeshift bunkers and MG nests wherever they could. Usually as simple as a log hut or crater, the bunkers were strapped with a MG42 and protected by a small squad. Much to the engineers’ surprise, these bunkers proved rather effective against hostile infantrymen seeking to destroy European Armored vehicles from the rear. As a result, factories began churning out Airdropped Armored Bunkers for Zeppelins to drop on the front lines, thus creating a much more uniform defensive line for the Alliance.

Strategy story here

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