The Artillery Walker
UNI CannonWalker Portrait
Class: Heavy Armor
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Armor
Sight: 30
Health: 300
Mobility: 2.5
Damage: 200-250/200-250
Range: 40/100
Costs: Gold = 13000

Gems = 1560

Deploy = 4 E + 3 C

Weapon Concussive
1st ability Barrel One
2nd ability Barrel Two

One of the first creations of the red army to utilize bipedal walking systems, 'Маленький ужас' or "Little terror" was a quite simply a KV-2 turret on legs, nevertheless at the moment the Little terror was the world's first walking tank. Unfortunately, his time was not to be. Another competitor of the Walking project had already created The hammer. And the hammer was to be the first russian Walker to terrorize the enemies of the union, not Little terror. His armaments were nothing when compared to that of the hammer.

In spite of this his inventor had not lost hope, Rather than scrap the idea and sulk in the depths of eternal depression. He sought to remake and rearm his creation to best that of his competitor. In order to impress the red army... He mounted two short barreled 420mm battleship cannons to the chassis and enhanced everything on the walker around these weapons. At its unveiling, it was quickly brought into production as the European alliance had unleashed their Iconic Siege tanks. Hammers could only Delay the siege tank for mere moments as the Siege tanks pure armor and overcharged cannon made them seem unstoppable. This changed fortunately. When supported with Hammers, the Artillery walker could bombard a siege tank from range while the close ranged Hammer came in and annoyed the Siege tank until its armor cracked under the constant bombardment.

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