Union Comrad
Faction: Soviet Union
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Organic
Sight: 40
Health: 80
Mobility: 4
Damage: None
Range: 45
Icon gold
= 2500

Icon gem
= 300


Weapon None
1st ability Human Wave
2nd ability Inspire

The Commissar is an officer from the Council of the People's Commissars. Nicknames "Narkom" these officers served to inspire discipline and patriotism in the soldiers on the field. A Commissar is attached to each regiment of the Red army so that he can keep a close eye on dangerous bourgeois influences among the soldiers.

During the heaviest fighting between Europe and the Union, the Commissar can be found with the soldiers urging them onwards and inspiring them to acts of bravery and daring. A harsh but necessary duty of a Commissar is to make examples of cowardice and lack of faith in the inevitable Soviet victory, with their absolute authority laid out in Order 220. Soldiers who perform in a manner that the regimental Commissar disapproves of might count themselves lucky to be simply shot out of hand, rather than face a short life of clearing mines with bare hands, being tied to a tree in front of the unit's position to entice enemy snipers, or any number of sadistic punishments.

Ensuring the Commissar is not turned upon by the troops is Order 221; any regiment whose Commissar is dead or missing, for any reason, is reformed as a penal regiment. The 32nd Guards Regiment, having lost their Commissar during the arduous Siege of Odessa, was subsequently forced out of their defensive positions and into a European minefield ahead of the main body during the failed Odessa Breakout. Since this notable occurrence, Order 224 now clarifies Commissar may write a letter of pardon for his regiment once delivered to a field hospital, as the 32nd's Commissar died of dysentery.

The People's Commissar inspires a mix of feelings - awe and admiration from committed Communists and fear and anxiety in the eyes of less devout soldiers. Both of these help them drive the soldiers forward.

"You will die by the enemy in service of the Motherland, or you will die by my hand in service of your fear and shame"

UNI Comrad 3DPortrait Base


UNI Comrad 3DPortrait EasternFront

Eastern Front

UNI Comrad 3DPortrait Nightwitches

Night Witches

UNI Comrad 3DPortrait Siberian


UNI Comrad 3DPortrait Airborn


UNI Comrad 3DPortrait Bellorus


Special Abilities

1. Ability: [Human Wave]: Drive infantry forward

Type: Aura boost

Radius: Short

Special: All movement points for infantry within the radius are reset however they take 20% more damage. Ability has two turns cooldown.

2. Ability: [Inspire]:  : Raises morale of friendly infantry

Type: Aura effect

Range: Short

Special: Heals infantry for a small amount of hp

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