Crocodile Tank
ALI ChurchillCrocodile Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armoured, Heavy
Sight: 30
Health: 300
Mobility: 7
Damage: 100-150/100-150
Range: 20-70/25-35
Costs: Gold = 10,000

Gems = 1,200

Deploy = 4E 2C

Weapon Anti-Armour/Fire
1st ability Cannon Shot
2nd ability Flame Burst

The Crocodile, for all its technological sophistication, has been criticised as an example technological inflexibility. The development of pyrotechnic had been conducted decades past, but it was sidelined for seemingly more conventional designs. Thus, the designs of early flame throwers were left to rot in the archives of the War Office. When the majority of the Alliance's Churchill's were retro-fitted for anti-infantry combat after the introduction of the Heavy Tank, some of the older model tanks were put aside for experimentation.

Having seen the devastating effects of pyrotechnic weaponry in urban and jungle environments, the Alliance's Engineering and Armaments Office re-instigated the development of pyrotechnic-weaponry and dusted off the decades old research at the insistence of Major-General Percy Hobart. The Alliance's initial attempts at integrating the desired weaponry into the Churchill Tank proved more complex than originally thought. The Alliance’s pyrotechnic weaponry proved to be an abysmal failure when tested in the field, with tanks and their crews often being incinerated themselves before even firing a single shot. When the MK1 of the Churchill Crocodile was finally deployed on the battlefield, the vehicle proved to be a failure with troops and commanders finding it expensive to maintain and heavily underpowered.

It wasn't until the Alliance obtained through espionage and battlefield salvage the details of the Republics Zippo Tank, the Soviet Inferno Hammer and the Shoguns Flame Tank that real progress was made. With this new found basis from with which to work on, the alliance engineers quickly developed a more sophisticated and compact tank mounted flamethrower. The only issue was that the Alliances commanders felt that the Crocodile should have a varied armament and requested that the MK2, like the MK1 would have an AT gun as its main armament. Due to this, a smaller primer pump was installed for the flamethrower to allow the heavy main gun and its munitions to fit into the Churchill. This resulted in a slower firing pyrotechnic-weapon, especially when compared to those of other factions. Outfitted with more effective and powerful armaments the Crocodile quickly proved its merits to commanders during the 5th North Africa Campaign against the Warlords, with single tanks at times shattering the warlords lines. The MK2 Crocodile also showed its merits in the urban warfare against the Soviets, providing flexible firepower in close quarters fighting where many of the other Alliance tanks made for easy prey.

Today the Crocodile remains a favourite of Alliance commanders, having proven its newfound worth, while it lacks the specialisation of other factions pyrotechnic vehicles its flexibility has earned it a place of merit in the Alliance arsenal.

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