The Daimyo
EMP Daimyo Portrait
Class: Infantry - Support
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 125
Mobility: 11
Damage: None
Range: 0-30/16
Costs: Gold = 3000

Gems = 360

Deploy = 2M 3C

Weapon None
1st ability Noble Death
2nd ability Banzai

The Daimyo are members of the military nobility of the Shogun Empire and as such have participated in every conflict that the empire has fought. For a thousand years, they ruled Japan with intrigue, subtlety and quite often outright war. During the hundred years of Sengoku Jidai, armies of thousands obeyed the orders of the daimyo and the names of Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen made the stuff of legends.

With the Emperor’s rise to power, the daimyo have taken the roles of officers and military advisors. Upon the battlefield, the Daimyo is a commanding presence that inspires his soldiers to greater feats of bravery. He is a born warrior, steeped in the traditions of bushido and a fragment of a glorious past that fills the history books. The Daimyo demands only two things from the soldiers under him – obedience and zeal.

Serving as battlefield officers, these nobles coordinate attacks and efforts in a much different way than any other nobility – from the front of the attack. It is not uncommon for a daimyo to inspire his troops with his presence and to lead them on a frontal charge against the enemy. This is a double edged sword, for should the daimyo die, this will be a tremendous blow for morale of the troops. Another interesting aspect of the daimyo is that the Immortals are recruited from the ranks of their families. There is hardly a noble family in the empire that hasn’t supplied a son or brother to the Immortal guard.

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No skins.

Katana strike is a melee range hunting attack. Cooldown 2 turns.

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