Drill Tank
WAR DrillTank Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Tank
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Armour
Sight: 35
Health: 275
Mobility: 4.5
Damage: 100-150/175-225
Range: 10-65/5
Icon gold
= 9,000

Icon gem
= 900


Weapon Anti-pers/Force
1st ability Machineguns
2nd ability Drill

The Drill Tank is a masterpiece of the African Warlords reverse engineering art. Originally developed by a joint UR-EA mining venture in Johannesburg during the colonial period to drill new mines at extreme depths in the pursuit of rare materials. The first Drill Tanks were prototype mining vehicles that came into the Warlords possession during the Alliances retreat from the South Africa colony. The Warlord's saw, where others had only seen a mining tool a complex and highly advantageous tactical unit. The Warlords set about producing a heavily modified version of the Drill Tank using salvaged materials. While now unable to dig deep into the earth these new Drill Tanks could dig in shallow hops, allowing the tank to launch devastating surprise attacks against heavily armoured foes. Today, while uncommon the Warlords may field the equivalent of an entire battalion of these armoured terrors to counter the heavily armoured threats posed by the European Alliance and the Soviet Union, when used in ambush or in a raid they have proven almost unstoppable.

No skins.

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