Elite Bear Tank
UNI BearTank Portrait Elite
Class: Armoured Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Armour
Sight: 30
Health: 350
Mobility: 3
Damage: 125-175
Range:  ?
Costs: Gold = 6,000

Gems = 720

Deploy = 5 E

Weapon Anti-Armour
1st ability Cannon Shot
2nd ability Spare Parts

The armored battalions of the Kremlin's personal armies, these tanks are the best of the best in the Union’s arsenal. Each crew is given access to the might of Russia's factories to maintain their tanks and constantly tweak their Bears to deliver an extra bit of power to their machines. In addition, each crew is a Venerable leader to their men and are often deployed leading an Entire Battalion of Armor to engage the alliance. It has been reported that a pair of Elite Bear Tanks had engaged 14 of the Alliance's brand new Siege Tanks which conquered 6 and a half miles of soviet lands. The next day, the Soviets were pressing into Alliance territories.

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