Fan Creation


Power 1 final DarekZabrocki

"Know your enemy"

Description: Reveals the fog of war to the player for the duration of the turn in which the power was used

Costs: 4 Command points

Bunker Drop

European Alliance Bunker Drop(final) DarekZabrocki

"A bunker drop as part of the Belarus line"

Description: A Zeppelin flies and drop a Bunker in allied captured points

The Bunker has the following stats

Armor: Structure

Health: Good

Weapon: Heavy Machine Gun

Range: Medium Damage: Strong

Costs: 6 command points

Seismic Bomb


"When you hear the sound, its already too late"

Description: A Fighter bomber drops a seismic bomb that shatters the earth and destroys all vehicles, hindering infantry movement.

- Vehicles are destroyed

- Infantry is suffering a 50% movement speed penalty

Costs: 4 Command points

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