Symbol - Li Chen

"We are meant to prosper for 10,000 years!"

In the heart of the province of Northern China, lies Beijing. The city of Emperors with a population counting in the millions making a living of whatever they can find. Poverty, crime are rampant and in complete contrast to the whispering halls of Forbidden Palace and its splendor. Referred to as Heaven’s reflection on Earth, the Forbidden palace is a golden apple with a rotten core.

The bureaucrats, corrupt, avaricious and ever hungry to expand their power scheme behind ornate walls with hushed voices. Being responsible for the emperor’s wellbeing and His Great secretariats the bureaucrats and eunuchs have risen from sentenced criminal slaves to ministers, advisors and councilmen – all decked in splendor and luxury and all jealously guarding their position of power. To achieve their ends, the eunuchs employ their most efficient and characteristic weapons – plots, gold and ultimately a well-placed dagger delivered from the most unexpected place. Their claws are all reaching as are their spies and assassins – the Hidden Army.

Their luxury is not earned with an honest service for the good of the nation, but created from the toil, blood and desperation of its people. With the Old emperor dying, the bureaucrats have seized the chance to become untouchable in their crimes. They have backed the rich noble Li Chen of Beijing, a man just as corrupt and full of love for money as them. Ultimate power is very profitable and in the right hands, eternal wealth could be acquired. The bureaucrats have opened the imperial treasury to him and he has promised them not only the riches of the empire, but also the riches of the Soviet Union - the long standing enemy of the empire and the anti-thesis of everything the bureaucrats base their power on: equality in toil, money and class standing.

This enemy must not be left standing; this enemy must be obliterated so it doesn’t spread its communist disease among the citizens of the empire. When Shen conquers the throne, he will annihilate the Soviet Union and Communism with fire and sword and usher his age – the Age of Heavenly Affluence.

Li Chen Mission and Bonuses

Capture two territories of the Soviet Union and proclaim Li Chen - Emperor.

Bonuses: +10% gold , +10% tech and + 20% Gold

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