Symbol - Yi Kim

"We are meant to guide their spirits for 10,000 years!"

In Korea, the land of the morning calm, within the Jade Hall of Worthies, the scholars and men of spirit put forward their candidate for the throne. There is only one true Mandate of Heaven and that is with the people which are closest to heaven. Only those select few are truly privy to the true will of heaven and they are all gathered within the Hall of worthies. From their number, they put forward Yi Kim’s candidacy to the Throne of The Dragon.

A firm believer in the spiritual and enlightened superiority of the rule of heaven, Yi Kim was spiritual advisor to the Late emperor. Now that the emperor is dead, he fears that the empire has lost its path and is drifted away from the ways of the ancestors. It was under his advice that the late emperor ordered the infamous “burning of books” where thousands upon thousands of books were burned and hundreds of scholars were buried throughout the empire to unite it under the will of heaven. Now with the emperor dead, the people of the empire will need a new leader and guardian to keep them safe on the right path of virtue and to protect them from the foulness of moral depravity.

With Yi Kim’s grasp on the people’s hearts, it seems that heaven has cast its benevolent hand on him – a sign that he will become the son of heaven. With the support of the other scholars and monks, he will usher a new era of virtue and crush all enemies that threaten his “flock” spiritual health. Across the great ocean lies the greatest threat to this dream – the United Republic. These godless, shallow and material people shall suffer the full wrath of the Son of Heaven and shall be taught that none can stand before that might of heaven. Once he has purged the capitalists, he will usher the era of Heavenly Virtue where science and spirit will come first for it is the afterlife that is more important than this one.

Yi Kim Mission and Bonuses

Capture two territories from the United Republic and proclaim Yi Kim - Emperor.

Bonus: +10% research and 10% Battle points as well as 20% Tech

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