The following transmissions were intercepted by Imperial Signals Intelligence (ISIGINT) during the Empire's long war with the Republic under GIJane. They were relayed to the High Command, who in turn passed them on to the Ministry of Propaganda and Information for public release.

His Imperial Majesty's Government wishes to express our condolences to the families of these gallant, but misguided, victims of Republican aggression. 

From the 7704th (Grunt) Battalion somewhere in Nepal:

"Gee those guys in pajamas are sure moving fast...ugghhhh..."

From the 344th Field Artillery Battery somewhere in Southeast China:

"Silly Japs and their silly balloons....WHOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHH! BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!"

From the 803rd Armored Battalion somewhere in the Appalachian Basin:

"HQ, we just lost two whole companies of Shermans to a few dudes with sticky bombs and this crazy giant with a big gun who kept shouting about 'The Coconut's Will!'.

From the 215 (Bell) Attack Squadron somewhere in the Colorado Plateau

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot One, this is Sierra Hotel Five, we have a target rich environment here! YEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAWWWW!....BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM...MAYDAY! MAYDAY! GOING DOWN!"

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