Flak 38
ALI Flak38 Portrait
Class: Infantry/Mechanical
Units: 1
Defense: Organic/Mechanical
Sight: 40
Health: 125
Mobility: 3
Damage: 75-125, 125-175
Range: 90
Costs: Gold = 2000

Gems = 240

Deploy = 6M

1st ability Autocannon Burst
2nd ability AA Fire

At the Outbreak of the Russo-European War, the European alliance had the advantage of maintaining Armored Superiority compared to the Soviet armadas. But even with this, it was not enough to break the will of the soviet Armadas. Apparantly, rather than challenge the Iconic siege tank with some other Armored Behemoth... The Soviets Unleashed the Sickle. A Close top secret project kept well guarded away from the prying eyes of the European spies, The sickle was a soviet made gunship made primarily for bombarding Tanks from the Air in a flurry of Auto cannons and RPG launchers. 

Completely caught off guard, EA commanders watched in horror as their lines were pushed back by a squad of sickles. Absolutely destroying any tank caught in its eye, siege tank or not. 

"We didn't know what was approaching us. all I could hear was a particular thumping sound that simply would not stop. Just kept going. Like a Swarm of infantry. But I knew that couldn't be it. Soviets weren't stupid. We had 5 Siege tanks behind us with a pair of bunkers to boot. a Infantry charge was suicide. They knew what we had, and yet...what the hell was that Thumping sound? It wasn't until it was louder than ever that I witnessed it. A Helicopter, I knew of United Republic Bell choppers, but this...was too big. After my glance, It fired. A swarm of missiles, bullets, Whatever, it sent me crawling behind a sandbag, didn't get a good look anymore. What I did see was the smouldering wreck of a beloved siege tank, never have I ever seen a destroyed siege tank. And with that... It came back around."

-Private Bryce, 56th infantry. 

The Flakvierling 30/38 was invented by german engineers before the Great war but was stowed away as a waste of invention, as Russians had never really used close air support. Mainly using high altitude aircraft for propaganda, Paratroopers, Or bombing, All out of reach from the Flak 38. At the brutal introduction of the Sickle, German engineers had brought back out the Flak 38 into mainstream production to temporarily supply EA armies with a better way to combat sickles while they created a more potent solution. To be frank, It was really weak for its time. Unable to really damage sickles alone, the Flak 38 was used as a defensive anti infantry cannon with the support of storm troopers.

Once the Flak halftrack arrived, EA divisions had still used these 38s due to their high fire rate, ease of use, and easy maintenance. To be short. It was well liked.

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