The Hulks
CAR Hulk Portrait
Faction: Latin Junta
Class: infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Heavy
Sight: 40
Health: 175
Mobility: 7
Damage: 75-175
Range: 2
Icon gold
= 3200

Icon gem
= 385


Weapon Rending
1st ability Powered Saw
2nd ability Berserk

When the hulks first appeared on the battlefield, emerging from the mire of the jungle, these muscled behemoths, jungle colossi wearing human flesh, the very sight of them was enough the confirm the rumoured monsters of the jungle. The sight of them also gave birth to a new breed of rumour, that of the supposed Juntan scientists deep in their jungle caves and hidden dens. The Latin Junta was supposed to field an army of starving colonists wielding rusty equipment. Where could they get such muscle, no mercenary company in the world could provide such might, and even if you hand picked the globe's strongest, the expense would be enormous.

Rumour and fact are of course very different beasts. The ranks of hulks are calculated to be among the top 3% of the world's strongest individuals, most hulks are believed to have between 70-80% muscle mass with arms and legs being several inches in diameter. Their strength, unsurprisingly, does mean they can carry far more cumbersome equipment than your regular trooper, however the sheer size of the hulks do make them equally cumbersome. Armouring the hulks also is a difficulty due to their size and often can only be fitted with sleeveless apparel.

The inherent toughness of such amounts of muscle leave one question surrounding the origins of the hulks, is said toughness solely natural or has some synthetic concoction been involved to make something far more unnatural. One part of this enigma could involve a canister that all hulks wear like a backpack, however the canister is as mysterious as the rest of this riddle, leaving us to only one conclusion. The hulks are dominating monstrosities, whether they are natural or not.

No skins.

The Hulk is without question a tough unit. At an astounding 175 health, it would take an enemy commander to concentrate quite a bit of firepower to take one down. This of course, comes at a cost for the Junta Commandante that deploys him. At 5 manpower points to deploy, the Hulk is very expensive to use, and without the usage of its special ability "Berserk", is also very slow- a detriment for an unit with only melee capabilities.

It should be noted however, that the chainsaw has a curious potential for mayhem. Not only does it cut through most infantries quite easily, but is also somewhat effective against light vehicles, and somewhat damaging against tanks as well. When deploying other anti-tank units is not an option, the deployment of one Hulk should always be considered.

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