Location: Somewhere In Africa

Date: Unknown

Source: Imperial Archives


Honored Family,

Life sucks! At least our lives do. An endless cycle of marching, fighting, bleeding, and dying. It seems we will never escape this hellhole. A thousand curses on the foul fiend that provoked the God Emperor to vent his wrath upon these foreign devils.

Day after day, we march against the enemy. They ask no quarter and we give none, slaughtering the barbarians with ease. However, we lose men and we get farther and farther from our homes. Water becomes scarcer and scarcer and supplies continue to run low. Our honorable captain says that every step forward is a step closer to home. It just seems to be another step towards the depths of hell. The heat is unbearable here and sand pollutes everything from our clothes to our food. My feet are a mass of bleeding blisters at the end of each day and my boots have become my worst enemy.

Our company has 70 men left. We started with 150 men. The others have fallen or were wounded. If this war keeps up much longer, our company will cease to exist. We are supposed to be headed toward Morocco, but none of us has any idea where we are. I have lost track of where we are since we left Cape Town a month ago.

We have set up a temporary outpost to assemble forces in preparation for our next movement. The honorable captain estimates that we will be here for one week to resupply, but we have not gotten our supplies and we have gotten more mouths to feed. Rumor has it that our logistics network has been sabotaged, but we don't know what to believe.

Shelter gets us out of the sun and sandstorms, but fights have become a common occurrence among our ranks. Sometimes, whole platoons fight each other because of the sheer misery. The slightest thing to relieve our miserable existence would be most welcome. That may be coming soon as a company from The Akumas division arrived at our outpost yesterday. They say that The Akumas division is forming a battle line and that the honorable HongKongPhooey himself will lead us against the enemy.

I have not received any letters from you in a long time. The honorable captain promised to send the company's letters out on the next medical evacuation so I hope you will get my letter soon. I wish nothing more than to see my native land again and embrace you all.


Archive Note: The following letter was censored by Imperial Intelligence officers for secret information. None was found, but the censoring officer was touched by the letter and forwarded it to his superior. It somehow made its way to the hands of the God Emperor who realized that there was a genuine sabotage operation in Shogun supply lines. The logistics problem was resolved; however, before he could visit the company, it had already merged with The Akumas division under the command of HongKongPhooey. HongKongPhooey's crossing attack to Madagascar proved successful even though he was ill-supplied. This soldier's company; Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Emperor's Regiment, 2nd Imperial Regular Division, ceased to exist as a unit. Only 7 men from the unit survived the crossing attack to Madagascar. This soldier was one of those who survived and he received the Medal of Imperial Vigilance for his actions. His company colors were permanently retired in memory of his comrades' sacrifices.

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