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Welcome to the March of War Wiki!

This is a collaborative effort by ISOTX and volunteer editors to provide the most complete source for the ground-breaking turn-based strategy game March of War. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions so if you feel like we could make this better or want to help us out, don't be shy! Let us know!

New feature - Skirmish mode

March of War Skirmish Sneak Peek01:58

March of War Skirmish Sneak Peek

Useful links

March of WarSteamArmour vs AttackHow to playWar Correspondents and MVP's

This year is 1947: the world ravaged by war. Align yourself with one of March of War’s six factions and fight for world domination in this online turn-based strategy game. With units ranging from WWII classics, such as Howitzers and BA-10s, to dieselpunk-inspired War Elephants and Dirigibles, fight to destroy your enemies and conquer their territories while rising through your faction's ranks.


Episode 4 - Exalted Inferno

Episode 4: BackstoryEpisode 4: CharactersUnitsChronicles

Episode 3 - African Sunrise

Episode 3: BackstoryEpisode 3: CharactersUnitsChronicles

Episode 2 - Tropical Thunder

Episode 2: BackstoryEpisode 2: CharactersUnitsChronicles

Episode 1 - Soviet Storm

Episode 1: BackstoryEpisode 1: CharactersUnitsChronicles


Thank you again for visiting the March of War wikia. Please feel free to look around and check out some of our materials. Do keep in mind, that this wikia is still work in progress so its gonna get even better as we go. If you think we could improve something, please leave a comment with your suggestion!



Support us

I want to help!

If you want to be part of the wiki and help us keep it up-to-date. Don't be shy and send an e-mail to

How will you conquer the world ?

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