Maxim MG Team
UNI MaximGunTeam Portrait
Class: Specialist infantry
Units: 2
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 30
Health: 80
Mobility: 3.5
Damage: 50-100/60-100
Range: 0/80
Costs: Gold = 1,375

Gems = 165

Deploy = 3 M

Weapon Rending/Rending
1st ability Suppressive Fire
2nd ability Deploy/Undeploy

It is often considered as ironic that the Soviet Union would employ a weapon that is meant to counter mass infantry assaults. The maxim machine gun is a fully automatic field placement capable of unleashing a tirade equivalent to that of thirty rifles.

Surprisingly, the maxim gun requires a single individual to fire, but it is usually used by a crew of three in order to more easily deploy and reload. Despite traditionally being towed over long distances, the maxim gun can be transported around the battlefield using its wheelbase in necessary situations. However, as the weaponry is quite heavy, it requires the effort of the whole crew to move, and even then, it is quite limited in mobility. When the maxim gun has to be relocated, it is recommended that the soviet commanders have other soldiers cover fire for the Maxim Gun team.

As a support weapon, the maxim is a highly vulnerable one, used on the frontline and highly immobile, the moment the suppressive affect of its fire falters so too perishes the force that is keeping the enemy at bay. However in the larger scheme of things, the maxim is as effective as any support weapon there is, especially regarding its suppressive nature. It truly is a concept as fearsome as the red curtain.

No skins.

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