Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 80
Mobility: 9
Damage: 0
Range: 2/0-15
Costs: Gold = 2500

Gems = 300

Deploy = 2M 1C

Weapon Healing
1st ability Heal
2nd ability Stim Cloud

Before Mother or God, they call out to their Medic.

Medics are soldiers of the United Republic who have been specially trained in combat medicine and are responsible for providing first-aid and front line medical care to their fellow troops on the battlefield. In battle, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their squad-mates, patching, dosing, and healing their brothers-in-arms.

The ambitions of the United Republic quite often mean that an infantry regiment will be sent to fight in hostile environments and conditions that are not native to the troops. It is almost certain that many will die in combat or other factors. It is for that reason that select recruits are trained in field medicine; not simply just to treat injuries and save wounded members of their squad, but to help alleviate the worries of many new recruits; with a trained medical professional at their back, they feel safer on the battlefield.

Medics are put in charge of all medical gear and supplies sent to their squad. Whether they receive simple bandages to wrap around wounds, or anti-malaria drugs to protect against deadly tropical epidemics, Medics are the ones who are entrusted with using this equipment to keep their squad healthy and prepared for combat. In extreme situations, Medics may also issue combat stimulants, known as "go pills", to fight battle fatigue and the general skittishness green troops feel under fire. Many combat patrols, operating behind enemy lines, have stayed alive only due to the medical expertise of one of their squad-mates.

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REP Medic 3DPortrait Base


REP Medic 3DPortrait 14thAD

14th Armored

REP Medic 3DPortrait Ardennen


REP Medic 3DPortrait ArmyGreen


REP Medic 3DPortrait MacArthur


At a paltry cost of 1m2e, the medic is a great fast capture unit with decent support abilities. It can heal single infantry units every turn, but do not expect this to keep your infantry units to last very long due to the medic's abilities.

The battle stimm can be used to increase UR damage output. Interestingly, there are no downsides on using this ability, as the medic can still make a move after performing this action. However, plan carefully before using the battle stimm as it has a long cool down and small Area of Effect.

Special Abilities

1. Weapon: [Heal]: Heals infantry units

Type: Targeted Ability

Range: melee

Special: Heals a moderate amount of health to infantry and beasts.

2. Weapon: [Battle Stims]: Removes all negative effects on an infantry unit

Type: Aura Boost

Range: Short

Special: Boosts the movement of all infantry in radius by 50%. Effect lasts 2 turns.

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