Mexican Infantry
CAR MexicanInfantry Portrait
Faction: Latin Junta
Class: Infantry
Units: 5
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 40
Health: 150
Mobility: 8
Damage: 100-140
Range: 55
Icon gold
= 5,400

Icon gem
= 640


Weapon Anti-Personell (AA)
1st ability Rifle Volley
2nd ability Tequila

The America-Mexico border has always been fraught with turmoil, whether it be convicts fleeing south, gangs heading north or illegal trade heading either way. But never had said border been commuted over so regularly than in the time of the cowboy, the outlaw and the frontier. The old west for Mexico gave birth to the Mexican gunfighter, a territorial individual who needs to protect his homesteads from both the exploitative foreign invader and the internal turmoil of mexico's own revolution to dictatorship cycles. Combine these hardy souls with a large supply of pre existing arms, particularly the Mexican fondness for the repeater rifle, and a rugged environment to live in creates a dependable and hardy infantrymen.

The reasoning that drove the allegiance decision is hotly debated. Both the Latin Junta and the United Republic are direct and powerful neighbours and Mexico equally keeps both powers away from one another. Some say that the an alliance with the Republic would never be possible due to a deep seated antipathy that extends from the colonial wars of the new world. Others however suggest that an alliance with the Junta is out of personal gain, the ruler of Mexico using the socialist revolution as a distraction to prevent any murmurings of dissent and further cement his highly volatile authority.

The sombrero, despite its impracticality, has become an iconic part of its uniform for reasons only known to the Mexicans themselves. The aforementioned repeater rifle, particularly the Winchester, is their chosen armament. They may well not be a professional force, units often forming around pre-existing gangs or militia, but their knowledge of combat in an arid climate as well as being accustomed to weaponry makes the Mexican infantry an admirable tool to repel the foreign invader.

No skins.

The Mexican Infantryman could be seen as a variant of the standard Guerrilla. With a Whopping 150 health points, these infantrymen will not go down easily. The damage done with the rifle is dependable, but nothing exceptional. The true potency of The Mexican Infantry comes from its special ability "Tequila".

Tequila essentially doubles the Mexican Infantryman's defense ratings, turning it into an automatic 300 health infantry unit temporarily while also increasing its speed immensely. This opens up a large range of potential tactics, such as using him to stall the enemy lines, or perhaps using him to capture unguarded points. However, it should be noted that the special ability Tequila also decreases the Mexican Infantryman's attack by half, so it may not be wise to use a drunk Mexican soldier as a main offensive.

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