Missile Roc
CAR RocMissile Portrait
Class: Light Flyer
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 200
Mobility: 10
Damage: 50-100/125-175
Range: 65/65-80
Costs: Gold = 16000

Gems = 1920

Deploy = 5E 4C

Weapon Hunting/Anti-Armour
1st ability Sniper Fire
2nd ability Rocket Barrage

The success of the Junta roc has brutally taught soldiers of the United republic that if they hear the faint sound of a helicopter and have no idea who it is, then it is one of two things. The savior of the UR: the Flying Fortress. Or the Death of them: the Junta roc. On many occasions the Junta roc has had the advantage of being able to massacre thousands of Federal troops by simply flying over them with insects and snipers. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a Federal division has requested the aid of a few B-10 flying fortresses. The Roc can not counter the UR's massive flying fortresses, which if a fortress sees a Roc, will ultimately fill it to the brim with a storm of bullets from its several guns.

The Missile roc is a modification on the efficient Junta roc helicopter by simply adding a pair of 20mm Hailstorm rocket launchers to the existing hull and improving its engine to give chase to flying fortresses. Despite being hastily made, The Missile roc definitely bothers the Flying Fortress with its Rockets, often directing its attention to itself, while its Younger brother, the Junta roc, murders thousands of Federalists hidden beneath the trees.

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No skins

Use the missile salvo to deal damage to heavy armor and light vehicles. It's concussive salvo can only hit ground targets.

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