Mk-IV Trebuchet
WAR MarkIVTrebuchet Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Tank
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Armor
Sight: 35
Health: 200
Mobility: 3
Damage: 150-200/100-150
Range: 125-185
Icon gold
= 16,000

Icon gem
= ?


Weapon Concussive/Fire
1st ability Explosive Barrel
2nd ability Fuel Barrel

The African Warlords maintain a large armory of the semi-obsolete Colonial era MKVI tanks after they had successfully driven out the bulk of the European Alliance. These tanks are taken care of extensively by the Warlords due to the fact that they do not have the technology and know-how to replace parts that may be destroyed in the battlefield. This is especially so for the main gun of the MKVI, which the Warlords could do only the most cursory maintenance duty on. As more of these MKVI battle tanks became unusable for this very reason, the Warlords experimented upon the various methods to make it relevant to the modern battlefield. The pinnacle of these haphazard attempts was the MKIV-Trebuchet, a decently armored artillery platform that can unleash deadly payloads of explosives and fire. This development has for the most part been seen by the African Warlords as a godsend, and for those that oppose the Warlords a horrendous sight to behold.

No skins.

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