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Junta Mortar Team
Cartel Mortar
Faction: Latin Junta
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Light Armor
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 9
Damage: 75-125
Range: 20-80(+12)


Icon gold
= 1,750

Icon gem
= 215


Weapon Concussive/Poison
1st ability Explosive Shell
2nd ability Gas Shell

The Mortar is a muzzle-loaded indirect-fire projectile weapon whose has made a recent addition to the armies of the Latin Junta. The mortar’s ability to fire indirect projectiles is the key to its success in the jungles and difficult terrains and it is this that facilitated its fast adoption by the Brigadas Revolucionarias.

Due to the mortar’s relative small size, lightly armored guerillas can now also equip it in teams of two. This gives great versatility to the battle groups of the latin armies as they boast much more firepower than the standard issues Latin junta rifles. This became painfully obvious during the rebellion of South America against its European overlords. The last few regiments of the garrisons had dealt with insurgents before but the mortar came as a surprise due to the fact that it could be used from far distance with no direct line of sight. The volunteer regiments were withered down in ambushes and urban uprisings.

Although with indirect fire abilities the mortar is not exceptionally strong against more powerful troops - and certainly not against tanks. The Mortar is primarily used against enemy infantry, light vehicles and support infantry. Regardless of these limitations , the mortar makes an excellent addition to the arsenal of any guerilla leader.

CAR Mortar 3DPortrait Base


CAR Mortar 3DPortrait amazon


CAR Mortar 3DPortrait Muerte


CAR Mortar 3DPortrait Patagonian


CAR Mortar 3DPortrait Guevara

Che Guevara

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