This game mode will be similar to both Blitz and the proposed Capture the Flag. Like Capture the Flag, the player will start with a large amount of resources, and there will be no nodes that offer resources or deployment areas. Unlike Blitz, however, there is no singular target unit to eliminate. The objective of this game is to eliminate all enemy units. Every ten rounds that the game lasts, the player will receive more resources to provide them with reinforcements. This will very closely resemble an actual battlefield, and will employ much different tactics than players are used to using in March of War.


Victory will be achieved when the player has eliminated all enemy units, and moved a unit into the opponent's deployment area. Aircraft will count for this requirement, since all of the player's land units may have been destroyed.


Defeat will occur when all of the player's units are destroyed and an enemy unit is inside the player's deployment area.

Initial Deployment and Resources

The player will start with:

- 50 troop points

- 40 mech points

- 15 command points

The player will have a large, designated area to deploy units, and not all resources must be used on the first round. Units can be deployed while an enemy unit is within the deployment area.


Every ten rounds (or any specified interval of time) the player will receive:

- 10 troop points

- 10 mech points

- 5 command points

These reinforcement units must be deployed in the designated area. Also, these resources do not need to be used on the round that they are given. Reinforcements can be deployed while an enemy unit is within the deployment area.


Both players will receive the same amount of starting and reinforcement resources. Since there is no stationary, capturable objective, the second player should not be at a disadvantage. Victory will be achieved when one player has eliminated all of the other player's units, and has moved a unit into the deployment area of their opponent.

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