Field Marshall Phooey here, Old Fire & Sword!

Over the course of my long career in the military service of His Imperial Majesty, I have had the honor and privilege to have made the friendship of many a great Shogun warrior...HurriKane, Slayerr San, Darkagma and the immortal Masaharta himself, to name only a few. But one name will always hold a special place in my memory-Nonoy Aquino.

I was already an established General on the Imperial High Command when he first joined the Shogunate's ranks and immediately began to get noticed. Before the coming of Darkagma, Nonoy was the Empire's original master grinder and one man Shogun army. Always willing to go where needed and able to flip a territory all by himself. He is that rare combination of dedication, great team player and brilliant tactician. I soon discovered we shared many common beliefs about honor and loyalty and held many of the same political views as well. He soon became my favorite Coop partner and helped me to greatly improve my strategies and tactics. He rose very rapidly though the Empire's ranks, in no time he was on the HC and it was not long before outranked me, even though I had nearly 2 months head start. Yet he still treated me with deference and always had my back, whether on the battlefield or on the much more treacherous field of World Leader chat.

We then found ourselves in the Eastern Battle Group together, headed by our then faction leader SimmCC. Our group's chatroom became the Empire's nerve center, where many important decisions were made. Consequently, it grew very rapidly in size and so it was decided that a "sister" BG was needed to be formed from select Eastern members. Nonoy volunteered to lead the group which he named The Akuma's (we still need to get that ' removed:). Both he and Simm asked me to join as second in command...a request that I could not refuse no matter how much I loved Eastern.  

It was not too long after the Akuma's founding that he began to have computer and other issues which forced him to take an extend leave from the Imperial service. But inspired by his example, we carried on and forged ahead to become the Empire's shock brigade and eventually its premier, elite Battle Group, along with our brothers of the 1st Kure SNLF. This, along with our friendships and memories of many great triumphs, is Nonoy's lasting legacy. One for which His Imperial Majesty, the Empire and old Phooey here will always be grateful.

Thank you for being a great Shogun and a great friend, Nonoy. 

Banzai, Brother! 

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