African Overlord
WAR Overlord Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Beast
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Organic
Sight: 30
Health: 450
Mobility: 3
Damage: 175-225/200-300
Range: 15/5
Icon gold
= 12500

Icon gem
= 1500


Weapon Concussive/Force
1st ability Headbutt
2nd ability Regeneration

Africa has always been home to some of the largest creatures in the world. The Dark continent boasts great lions and crocodiles of immense size ,but all of these pale in comparison with the Baragumu – the largest land creature on the planet. Towering 5-6 times the size of an elephant, these beasts move in herds through the jungles that they inhabit. Notoriously territorial, these herds have been known to trample entire villages overnight.

The Beast masters of the Warlords have domesticated these creatures for use as a beast of burden, assault weapon or its most common use as the personal weapons platform/ mount of an African warlord. These beasts have been see with cannons and other guns mounted on their backs, essentially turning them into mobile fortresses with a very ill temper.

The Baragumu’s natural characteristics make it useful to the African warlords. They are most commonly used as beasts of burden to carry heavy equipment and supplies, because they are large and strong enough to bear heavy loads and possess the stamina to move over long distances, and are easily led once domesticated. The only drawback is that the beasts remain prone to sudden outbursts of extreme aggression. If has been noted that the slightest careless thread on its territory can trigger a vicious stampede.

Another common use for the Baragumu is on the battlefield where its handlers, called Goads, will goad the creature into one of its aggressive outbursts, enraging it through the use of loud sounds such as gunfire or small bombs. Once angered, the beast is them goaded towards the enemy lines to wreak havoc. But once its aggression has been unleashed, the animal will attack anything that comes within range. In the mean time, the fortified position on its back will make switf work of what hasnt been trampled to dust.

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WAR Overlord 3DPortrait Base


WAR Overlord 3DPortrait Nomad


WAR Overlord 3DPortrait Persian


WAR Overlord 3DPortrait Zulu


WAR Overlord 3DPortrait Shaka2


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