Soviet Paratroopers
UNI Paratroopers Portrait
Class: General Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 35
Health: 160
Mobility: 4
Damage: 120-160/100-150
Range: 45
Costs: Gold = 6,400 for x4

Gems = 780 for x4

Deploy = 5 M

Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability LMG Burst
2nd ability Sticky Bombs

The Soviet Paratroopers are the finest anti-personnel infantrymen available to the People’s Army and it wouldn’t be too difficult to know why. While the majority of the people’s army is subject through promotion through experience and continued competence, prospective Paratroopers are chosen from a young age, when they demonstrate immense potential for both cunning and violence. 

When they are picked out from the herd of children to train as paratroopers, the children are sent straight to the Soviet military academy to be molded into perfect soldiers. When they complete their five years of training, all Paratroopers who have passed/survived the training are left with with impeccable discipline, pragmatic minds, iron-like bodies, and most importantly, an absolute lack of sympathy.

The soviet paratroopers are known as one of the few forces in the Soviet Union to be widely deployed with heavy machine guns. Officially known as the DP 28, this automatic weapon is able to unload as many bullets as the standard sub-machine guns used by the red soldiers, albeit with a far higher range and with heavier caliber. In the rare cases in which the Paratroopers are to encounter armored vehicles, the Paratroopers have been given sticky bombs to make quick work of them, making them a bane to anything that moves.

The similar doctrines of the Soviet Paratroopers and the Alliance Stormtroopers have put much pressure upon the Alliance’s armies, as the European generals realize that they may no longer have a distinct advantage in terms of superiority of quality...

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