Partisan RPG Team
UNI PartisanRPGTeam Portrait
Faction: Soviet Union
Class: Anti-Armor infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 30
Health: 80
Mobility: 8
Damage: 60-100/20-60
Range: 40
Icon gold
= 1,200

Icon gem
= 130


Weapon Anti-Armor
1st ability RPG Fire
2nd ability Ambush

The Soviet Partisan Teams' role within the red army is in many ways similar to The Conscripts. The Conscripts are dirt cheap measures to destroy hostile infantry, and consequently, the Partisan's teams are used for the disposable purpose of taking down hostile vehicles when the esteemed RPG Teams are not readily available or are too far away to address the threat.

The Partisan's Team's method of recruitment is quite colourful, usually recruited from local militias, and when times are truly desperate, from the adolescent girls' leagues prevalent in The Soviet Union. These women go through nearly identical training as the conscripts, and it may be perhaps for this reason that the Partisan Teams are unable to target agile air units when their weapons should prove more than sufficient in ripping apart light flyers. However, The Union's attempt at teaching Partisan's teams to destroy agile flyers have proved an exponentially difficult and costly enterprise. In order the maintain their purpose of dirt-chip stop gap measures to slow down the advance of European Armoured Divisions, the attempts at teaching Partisan Teams anti-air tactics has been abandoned.

No skins.

The Partisan RPG team is the only 2 manpower anti-armor unit in the game, further increasing the Soviet Union's arsenal of versatile infantrymen. Use them as last ditch efforts to do damage against hostile armor units. If possible, use Commissars or Propaganda Trucks to vastly increase the Partisan RPG Team's damage.

That being said, always deploy RPG Teams over Soviet Partisan Teams as Partisan Teams cannot hit air units. The RPG Teams also have better range, and along with being able to hit air units, can also immobilize vehicles instead of simply slowing them down.

Ambush debuffs an emeny vehicles attack and speed by 25%

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