The Reaper
CAR Reaper Portrait
Class: Heavy Armor
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 40
Health: 500
Mobility: 7
Damage: 550-650
Range: 2
Costs: Gold = 14,000

Gems = 1,680

Deploy = 8E

Weapon Concussive
1st ability Reaping Blades
2nd ability Engine Overcharge

Mario Rodriguez. The name means nothing to most of the world but to the Latin soldiers of the Junta it stands for freedom and glory. From the peaks of Patagonia to the sands of Mexico those once forced to kneel infront of the west now stand, and it is men such as Rodriguez that cause them to. Rodriguez worked like a slave on one of the hundreds of western owned mines located in the Andes. After years of pain and suffering at the hands of their masters the workers of Rodriguez’s mine had had enough and began to rebel. The Andes ran red with the blood of the workers as the mercenaries of the corporations barricaded themselves within their compound, making corpses of any who dare approach them. All seemed lost as the rebels began to pull back through fear of the mercenaries bullets, until Mario Rodriguez took up his seat within his excavator. Without any concern for his own well being he began to move towards the cooperation lines. The bullets flew past him but he did not budge, one even took him in the shoulder but he did not veer from his course. The blades of the excavator chewed through the fortifications, taking some of the guards with it. The miners flooded through the compound giving no mercy to those who had gunned down their friends. News of this rebellion soon spread throughout the Andes and very soon the Republic and the Alliance owned nothing more than a couple of small mining facilities. The Excavator, now named the ‘Reaper’, was changed and modified to make it one of the most ferocious vehicles on the battlefield. It’s deadly blades chew through flesh and steal alike and are an invaluable tool for any Junta general. Its armor also makes it a tough nut to crack. As for Mario Rodriguez, now a legend he sadly lost his life recently fighting the Republic in Mexico behind the wheel of a reaper that he was born to drive.

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No skins.

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