The Saw Walker
CAR SawWalker Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 50
Health: 400
Mobility: 9
Damage: 175-225/250-275
Range: 20-60/2
Costs: Gold = 16000

Gems = 1,920

Deploy = 5E 4C

Weapon Anti-Personell/Rending
1st ability Saw Launch
2nd ability Sawblades

Based on soviet walker technology, the saw walker's origins belong to a daring Junta raid on soviet shipments traversing the Panama Canal. It was here that the Junta discovered the possibilities behind the walker, however with little to actually arm them with, engineers had to resort to jury rigging domestic logging equipment. Its Huge chassis and quad legs tower over soldiers like a mountain and its Twin arms mounting Gut wrenching saw blades have become iconically fearsome.

This was not the end as the Armies of the junta continually desire vehicles in order to combat its Foes. With a simple modification to the Saw walker's engine. The Walker could spin its blades much faster than normal allowing its blades to barely be held within its armored casing, All it took was several pounds of hydraulic pressure in a swinging motion and the Blade shoots off like a Boomerang out from its arms. Despite its Crude and damaging nature to the Saw walker, this method terrified its enemies. The sight of a Industrial Saw impaling a friend like a spear in combat or watching a fellow soldier get Ripped open by thousands of RPMs of Cutting power was enough to break several Republic battalions.

"Do you see me Private? The sight me in this bed? Do you understand how pathetic I feel? The AGONY I feel??? I will never in all my life be able to bring myself to the land of the living. And it was due to those DAMNED Junta Saw walkers. I was there when the Junta first deployed saw walkers, Giant mechanical Behemoths with 4 legs half the size of the Amazons Trees. Thundering and inflicting fear in my friends. My CO made the Gravest mistake of ordering the battalion to Charge it, Maybe be able to Crack it open with Bazookas. I watched, unable to move my eyes, as the saw walkers decapitated, impaled, and ripped open my friends spraying their blood and their organs all over the ground. So I ran. Or I tried to, next thing I knew A giant saw blade had cut off my legs. and ripped off my arm."

"I don't know how I survived, but Ill give you ONE SOLID RULE. NEVER charge a Saw walker. Or end up like me." - Corporal Jonathan Miller: 56th "Bazooka Blasters" 'Saw walkers'

No skins.

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