Shaolin Monk
EMP ShaolinMonk Portrait
Class: Specialist Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 14
Damage: 75-125/75-125
Range: 2/0-16
Costs: Gold = 5000

Gems = 600

Deploy = 2M 3C

Weapon Hunting/Hunting
1st ability Shaolin Strike
2nd ability Whirlwind Attack

Nestled in the mountains of Henan in the Empire lies the Pagoda forests of the Shaolin Monastery. Since ancient times, the monastery has served as a place where man can push the boundaries of his spirit and body, and the battle prowess of the monks who live and train there has become the stuff of legends. Taught from an early age to endure pain, to strike quickly and decisively and to move with lethal grace, the shaolin monks are proficient fighters able to deal with multiple enemies in a subtle and deadly manner.

The generals and officers in the imperial army quickly recognized the benefits and qualities that the shaolin monks can bring to their cover ops and promptly conscripted their skills in the service of the imperial army. Since then, the Shaolin monks have been employed as assassins that penetrate deep behind enemy lines and disrupt their enemies. Using stealth and their deadly martial arts, the monks goal is to locate the commander of the enemy forces and to dispatch them. They focus exclusively on officers and anyone in the enemy army that occupies a commanding position and they have been pursuing their goals with grim determination.

No skins.

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