When the new Emperor was elected to lead the Empire to glory, the Emperor always dreamed of seeing a dragon rising above the mountains and striking fear in the hearts of enemies. While the war balloon was superior in clearing the skies of enemy air and the grounds from infantry, the war balloon lacked the fear struck upon the battlefield.

The emperor sent a messenger to the most professional engineers in Shanghai. The Emperor wanted a weapon that would appear to be like a dragon flying over the battle. The engineers immediately began working on ways to create a war balloon unlike any other they have ever made. After many months of explosive failures, the engineers finally ran onto a miracle.

They have made a war balloon that had the appearance of a dragon. With one problem aside, another came along, how to arm it without it exploding. The engineers spent another few months figuring out how to implement a cannon into it's mouth and allow it to fire without exploding. They finally found a way to allow the new weapon to fire it's cannon without any failures. By reinforcing it's armor to allow more stability and strength, this also allowed the engineers to implement a new armor-boosting system, the new weapon was able to reinforce it's armor at will.

The new weapon took to the battle for the first time when the Soviet Union was invading Beijing.

Upon making it's presence on the battle, conscripts started to throw their rifles away and flee in terror, even when the commisar yelled at them. The dragon then began to fire it's cannon at enemy vehicles. Hammers and cannon walkers crumbled before the superior might of the new weapon, flak tanks would instantly get destroyed when they attempted to shoot at the dragon. The first bullet to hit the dragon was from a mere red army soldier, but the bullet barely dented it's armor as the dragon already reinforced itself.

After 5 straight hours, the Soviet Union was short on vehicle support. Imperial soldiers were already wiping out any Soviet infantry, and the Soviets had no choice but to flee from that battle. Upon successfully defeating the Soviets in that battle and defending Beijing, the new weapon of war got it's name: The Sky Guardian!

Health points: 175

Cannon shot: 100-140 anti armor damage (average AT crit chance)

Reinforce: 25% extra armor for 2 turns, sky guardian is able to move again.

Mobility: 9


Isotx may change lore or stats if they wish to :)

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