Sonic Tank
ALI SonicTank Portrait
Class: Heavy vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armoured, Heavy
Sight: 30
Health: 500
Mobility: 7
Damage: 100-200/200-300
Range: 10/120
Costs: Gold = 14,000

Gems = 1200

Deploy = 6E 6C

Weapon Sonic/Sonic
1st ability Sonic Wave
2nd ability Sonic Boom

It was only a matter of time before the Alliance scientists and engineers teamed up to produce a true military masterpiece. Finally after a long and painful road the Sonic Tank rolls forth from the factories of Europe to wreak ear-splitting, bone-breaking havoc upon the world. The Sonic Tank fires wave after wave of focused sound energy capable of ripping through soldiers and disfiguring armored units.

Its late arrival on the battlefield is due to the sheer amount of trial and error that the Alliance engineers and scientists had to endure over the last year. When the war broke out all the European efforts were focused on mass-producing tanks to stem the Communist tide.

But within certain secret factories found deep under the British countryside, work had begun on this deadly weapon. The teams knew that they did not need to worry about the quality of the tanks armor, nor the operating systems, as this is one area that the Alliance excels in. The problem came with finding a power source capable of caging and creating this kind of sound energy and then ensuring that it did not explode within the tank. As this creation was so top secret we do not know how many casualties came as a result of this experiment. But there are reports of local farmers hearing ear splitting booms followed by shrieks and cries of agony throughout the countryside. At last it seemed the team had struck gold, they found a turret that was capable of both withstanding the sonic energy and releasing it accurately upon a certain point.

Even though the Sonic Tank has not been on the battlefield for long it is already making its mark. ‘We can deal with bullets and explosives but this is not fair, why did we not come up with this’, says Soviet Marshall Zhukov. Many soldier’s accounts speak of how they look on helpless as their companions limp corpses are blown half way across the battlefield. Of course the damage that the Sonic Tank inflicts depends on how close they are to an enemy, but they do have a much larger range than expected and they also come with both a low and a high intensity wave enabling them to penetrate through enemy armor.

The Sonic Tank can’t be named as an experiential unit and it has already won its place within the European ranks, all it needs now is to be unleashed.

No skins.

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