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Alliance Spy final
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 90
Health: 80
Mobility: 11
Damage: None
Range: 20/20/50
Costs: Gold = 3400

Gems = 410

Deploy = 2M 1C

Weapon None
1st ability Demo-Trap
2nd ability Mark Target

The nature of the European Alliance means that the ideologies and techniques of its spy agencies are as varying as the nations that have sworn allegiance. This structure means each nation’s agency acts in tandem with the others. In cases of severe importance the council comprising of director-general’s from each agency would answer to the Alliance authorities, most of the time the spies of Europe act outside the alliance hierarchy however, a system that manages to work effectively. Such is the case that the operatives of European intelligence forces lack any kind of uniformity, but with a vast array of resources at hand they have unrivalled freedom in what equipment is needed to get the job done. Any specifics are unsurprisingly classified, but following the European mantra it is assumable that their intelligences forces are at the cutting edge.

The spies of the European Alliance, whether on the battlefield or acting covertly, are elite experts with insurmountable experience and training. Despite going unawares, the spies of Europe are extremely active with battlefield sabotage operations constantly being undergone without both friendly and hostile forces ever being aware of such a presence. European spies are so invisible that few people have ever knowingly seen or met one, and even fewer willing to admit it due to the fear of reprisal for being a witness.

Research costs:
Unit: 1000 Research / 200 Gems
Upgrade: ?

ALI Spy 3DPortrait Base
DradooAdded by Dradoo
ALI Spy 3DPortrait British
DradooAdded by Dradoo
ALI Spy 3DPortrait German
DradooAdded by Dradoo
ALI Spy 3DPortrait French
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ALI Spy 3DPortrait RedWall
Red Wall
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ALI Spy 3DPortrait Cossack
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