I like the game but some of the changes are making it hard to play and not fun at all. I love the assualt; it employs strategy and cunning to figure out how to take the points and keep up with enemy production. The seige is the worst though. If at any point there was some parody there it might be saved. It has even gotten worse recently. I face an enormous amount of air units that I can do next to nothing about, they reek havoc with my defense and any thing that can hit them is eiehter too expensive to bring out, to weak to stay long or troops that get killed before they even get close. Way overbalanced especially when they get three units and I have barely enough points to bring out a weak unit. The blitz has also gone this direction. Sure I can still win if I kamakaze into the leader unit ignoring the damage being done by the other units around it. This doesn't make for balanced enjoyable play. Strategy and even balanced forces make it so much more enjoyable. Figuring on troop movement, tactics for protection of points and surges for attack is the basic need of a good strategy game. I would like to stay and play but if it keeps getting worse then I am stuck with only playing assualts when they are available and that is no fun. Please think on inventing some new scenarios and/or balancing the ones you already have.


Hello!!! Nice game and i like it a lot but wtf EA have too expenseve army. Hard to play PvP agains othe fractions. YOU MUST DO SOMETHING PEOPLE!!! For example EA army must coast -1 for all and hit harder,brits soo weak its not fair. 

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