Masaharta glared around from the Imperial Throne. He always glared around when he had nothing else to do. Just that this time, he had absolutely nothing to do. His all-seeing eye probed the farthest corners of the universe and he could feel something ominous approaching. The God Emperor’s instinct warned him that it was not the approach of battle so he summoned the four valiant warriors who escorted him through many battles and flew off through the universe. Their journey did not last long as the God Emperor quickly reached the end of the universe. Only then did he spot a small bubble. Life was growing and the God Emperor knew that he had a responsibility to watch over it. However, what was it doing so far out in the universe?

This fact puzzled the God Emperor as he approached the bubble. As he stretched forth his loving hand to transfer it to safer havens, it exploded in front of him and an unknown being stepped forth. If a God can be shocked, then the All-Mighty Masaharta was. He was staring at one of the most unique individuals he had ever laid his eyes on. A young man just entering the prime of life stood before him. Unlike the people the God Emperor normally faced, this man did not bow or show any signs of fear. Instead, he faced the God Emperor as an equal.

In that split second, the God Emperor realized that he finally stood face to face with what very few of his predecessors had ever experienced. There were legends passed down from great God Emperors who went on to Takama-ga-hara about other Gods appearing in their reigns. Each legend told the story of a supernatural conflict that ripped apart the universe. However, as Masaharta studied the face of the God standing before him, he could discern no evil intent in his eyes.

“Greetings, stranger,” the young man shouted cordially as he shook the ice from his hair. “I am ComradeMakron.”

“Greetings, ComradeMakron. I am Masaharta, the God Emperor of the Imperial World.”

“YOU ARE A GOD?” the stranger shrieked maniacally.

Masaharta’s four warriors closed around their master. In their experience, maniacs always proved to be dangerous. “He is the GOD!”  Samurai HongKongPhooey snapped, fire flashing from his eyes.

However, the God Emperor raised his hand in a gesture of restraint and Samurai HongKongPhooey fell silent. “I am, in truth, the ruler of the universe. I have not laid eyes on a man like you in all of my days as ruler. Doubtlessly, you possess immortal blood to survive this far out in our universe.”

“Indeed, I do,” Makron roared with maniacal laughter. “It is indeed great MAGIC that brought our meeting to pass.”

“MAGIC?” Masaharta queried, eyeing Makron closely. “Gods do not need MAGIC. Their wills are sufficient.”

“Masaharta, you must learn that the peasant’s dull mind will not comprehend the wisdom and will of a God. A God must constantly confuse them in order to get them to do his will.”

“Sir, this man is crazy,” Samurai Harutora growled, his countenance beginning to look like HongKongPhooey’s.

The God Emperor glanced around at his other two warriors. Samurai Darkagma and Samurai Akridd each had drawn swords in their hands and their faces showed that they were eager to make an end of the man standing before him. Masaharta looked back at Makron’s face. To his surprise, the young man’s face showed that he understood the feelings of the God Emperor’s warriors and he couldn’t wait to begin the fight.

Suddenly, Samurai HongKongPhooey sheathed his sword. The others stared at him in shock as he stepped forward and shook hands with the stranger. “Sir, you are a man after my own heart, eager for a fight” he exclaimed.

The stranger threw back his head and laughed maniacally again and HongKongPhooey joined him. The God Emperor smiled. It was so rare to see Samurai HongKongPhooey be the first to initiate peace with anyone that he could appreciate the uniqueness of the situation. “Would you care to return to my palace and share refreshments with us?” he invited.

Hours later, they had finished and the geishas were retiring. The Imperial Council gradually departed and the God Emperor was left alone with ComradeMakron. “You have traveled from another universe to reach ours,” he began.

Makron nodded. “Time and Times stood still that I might enter your Universe.”

“What is the nature of your own Universe?”

“Our Universe is founded in the icy regions of the far North. In our Universe, the comrades dance, eat, fight, and drink vodka until they can hold no more. I oversee their wellbeing and direct their affairs, extending my all-knowing care to them. I guard with my sacred and all-mighty powers the sacred secret of the Clear, Makron Vodka, which is the substance of our universe.”

“Clear, Makron Vodka?”

“The family of Makrons has left a long line of Gods in the temporary proving cosmos that leads to the higher immortality of Godship. Our powers are not tied to a single universe, but to many. Makrons never rule in the same place in the infinite expanse of the cosmos. The Clear, Makron Vodka is our key to power and control over the dull minds of the lower orders. It gives life to the stupid and freedom through slavery to the ignorant.”

The God Emperor eyed Makron closely. As wise as he was, Makron sounded insane. “How did you arrive in our universe?” he asked.

“A legend passed down from one of my ancestors spoke of a time when he was transported into another world by the script of a certain wise woman named Kagura, the God Empress, to save a Universe from total destruction. In reward, she provided him with a secret to unlock the hidden MAGIC contained deep with our Clear, Makron Vodka. This hidden MAGIC allows the worthy one to traverse universes. Over time, my ancestors have gradually lost it.”

“How then did you discover it?” Masaharta interrupted.

“Yesterday, as I studied an affair of state, a WHITE RUSSIAN GIRL appeared to me and warned of a great danger that fast approached my universe. She warned that, unless I could bring back the hidden MAGIC of the Clear, Makron Vodka, my Universe would be doomed. Before I could resist (I didn’t want to), she enshrined me in a bubble and floated me from my universe. The last thing I heard her say was that I would meet a wise man in my travels who would help me discover the secret to restoring the hidden MAGIC of the Clear, Makron Vodka. This wise man possesses the secret script of the great Kagura, which I must obtain. I knew no more until the bubble burst and I stood before you.”

Late that night, the God Emperor remained awake. His servants and guest had retired to bed, but he restlessly paced the floors of his chamber. He alone knew of the terrible script that he guarded. His most faithful subordinates knew that the God Emperor guarded something that they had never seen, but they had never dared to ask. Now he was being asked to show it to a complete stranger, one who he still suspected. Masaharta opened the Chronicles & Prophecies of The Great Kagura. He had often studied it and he turned immediately to pages 2,014 and 2,015.

“The Timeless Script of Kagura – the most valuable possession that a God Emperor can possess – must be guarded with the utmost care. It holds the secrets of eternal power over the universe. The misuse of this sacred secret will bring all of the All-Mighty Gods from Takama-ga-hara to set things right and bring judgement on the head of the culprit.

The secret of this sacred script must only be used in the times of the utmost danger. It must never be shared with another person. Only the God Emperor must view it. There will be one exception to this rule. One day, a strange being shall arrive in the domains of the God Emperor. To him shall the God Emperor share the great secret of the Kagura Script and together they shall accomplish more than any other God shall accomplish in their temporary reigns in the fragile human universes. This being shall be unlike any other and the wisdom of the God Emperor shall alone suffice to guide him in sharing the Sacred Script with him. Many imposters shall come to obtain possession of the Sacred Kagura Script. Beware, O Ye Emperors!”

Imposter or the prophecy come to past? The God Emperor was puzzled. There was no doubting the uniqueness of the individual, but was he the One?

The next morning, Masaharta ordered his private audience chamber to be cleared. As soon as breakfast was finished, he beckoned for Makron to follow him. As the doors closed and they were left alone, he silently stripped to the waist and drew his dagger. Slowly, he cut along the top of his stomach and peel back the skin to reveal three, small stones. He placed them on the table. “The Sacred Script of Kagura!”


The God Emperor and Makron both looked at each other as doubt clouded their face. The script spoke of several things that neither had heard of before. Both Gods sat on opposite sides of the table with the stones between them. Then Masaharta opened the Chronicles and Prophecies of Kagura. He vaguely recalled a reference to the text on one of the stones on page 102. After several hours of study, he and Makron realized what they needed to do.

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