- Sanya prefecture, Hainan Province (South-East China administrative zone), unspecified date

- Nice to meet you, sir. :-)
Darkagma looked with contempt at the newly-transferred and totally inexperienced officer across his desk, performing a salutation brimming with energy.

Name is Akridd.

His military academy transcripts did show a superb potential, and that was Darkagma's greatest concern: chances that a promising grinder will pop out from the newly-arrived batch of officers are way lower than the chances they will turn into rogue-voting machines in the near future. Those folks managing the imperial academy should just cut their belly open for their incompetence...

Darkagma's worries were then interrupted by the words that echoed in his mind from his Oyabun, Masaharta-dono. Summoned with haste to the Capital to report to the Closest Man to God, the godfather said something that could be translated to:

- See that? Raise him for me.
While simple in meaning, his request was puzzling: how can the Closest Man to God possibly issue direct orders to teach one of the greatest secrets of the Empire to a newcomer, even though the same man had issued a directive to restrict the mass spread of such technique weeks before? Is he out of his mind? No, that cannot be... If Masaharta-dono said that, then he is probably right. Right? Taking a deep breath, Darkagma said:
- Akridd, I am going to say this only once, so listen carefully: from now on, I will be teaching you a technique that can turn the tides of a battle in a matter of minutes. I call that the "Way of the Grinder".
- Once you have built a decent army, please move on to PVPing, as the nature of the Way is transient and strongly reliant on ███████████████████████████.
With the heavy talking finished, Darkagma watched and logged the progress of his young pupil.
Day 1 - It seems this Akridd-guy has adapted well. He already got the prerequisites for appropriate execution of the Way.
Day 2 - He is quite the talker. It's always good to talk to someone once in a while here in the Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF). Quite the dedicated person too, huh?
Day 3 - Oh wow, seems this guy has completed the tech tree already. Not bad. Not bad. He sounds quite interested in the high command stuff... Got to watch him more closely.
Day 4 - Akridd has proposed and optimization of the Way in map █████. Let's see what can I do with that.
Day 5 - Oh wow, his optimization really works. Maybe he is one of those fabled disciples that the prophecies in crappy clichéd Kung-fu movies love to show. They go out for the kill to avenge their murdered masters... Is this a death flag...?
Day 6 - Guy's fOcking raping the fronts. He will become a legend!
Day 7 - Congratulations for reaching the Shogun Empire's High Command. It's an honor to have you fighting along us, Akridd. :D
Darkagma looked proudly at his pupil, respected by his peers, hero among battle heroes and envoy of destruction against the enemies that had the unfortunate destiny of crossing Akridd's path, yet fortunate enough to be relieved from their meaningless lives without His Majesty, the God Emperor, in their hearts in the swift and merciful Way.


Time passed and Akridd started to talk about PVPing. Such an unfortunate fate for such a professional PVE grinder... The Way provided him enough resources to assemble a powerful army and finally fight the real enemy, but it is a pity to see someone so proficient in PVE grinding that could shave 20% of the enemy forces in a single hour wasting time in the queue... Perhaps it is time to let them go... They grow up so fast!

But once again, a legend was born. Using the Way as the foundation stone, outwitting his opponents and being coached by the experienced PVPers of the Empire, Akridd surpassed his peers in battle, scoring more battle points in a single front than anybody else by mixing both ██████████████████████ in order to ████████████████████████████████████████████, even with his mentor applying the Way in its original form with 100% effort.

Shoguns and opponents alike have recognized his prowess in battle. Other than the very foolish or the very strong, only the crickets would stay in the PVP queue when he was there, as his mere presence was enough deterrence for the enemy officers to issue orders to avoid any contact with his troops. As a certain conflict de-escalated, the European Alliance's highest ranked officer at the time stated in one of the peace talks what came to be his nickname:

“these peace deals are essential
sick of war anyway:p
with SE and crazy akridd”
- RimiLesPires
With this article, Crazy Akridd's contribution to the Shogun Empire is now immortalized in the pages of history.

(This post was modified by ███████ according to the guidelines determined by the Imperial Committee of Media and Propaganda)

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