Trench Mortar
CAR TrenchMortar Portrait
Faction: Latin Junta
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 7
Damage: 150-200/50-100
Range: 20-60(+16)
Icon gold
= 3150

Icon gem
= 375


Weapon Concussive/Toxic
1st ability Explosive Shell
2nd ability Acid Shell

The Trench mortar is a horse drawn infantry battery used for shelling targets at long ranges with even greater power than the Junta Stokes mortar. Originally known as the "Minenwerfer" from German manufactures of the first great war, this large mortar was found in Argentina, in a abandoned storage facility owning relics of the early Great War.

While it is not clear as to why a large quantity of these mortars were stored here, the Trench Mortar was immediately equiped into armies of the Junta to provide a stronger jungle artillery battery. It was later revised by the Junta to have wheels to provide better mobility and be drawn by vehicles or horseback.

Although outdated, this Trench Mortar made itself at home alongside the classic mortar, simply firing larger standardized European Alliance shells smuggled in from Europe rather than the smaller sized explosives of the classic mortar.

No skins.

The Trench Mortar, with 2 Manpower and 4 Gear points to deploy, is definitely not a cheap unit to deploy. However, with the Trench Mortar not having the need to deploy to fire, as well as its huge area of effect, makes it an excellent unit to clear out large clusters of infantry and vehicles. The Trench Mortar does not lose effectiveness when it receives damage, so it could handle slight amount of risks for the golden shot.

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