Episode 1: Units

With the new confict between the European Alliance and the Soviet Union the need for new units was quite obvious. As such these are the units of Soviet Storm:

European Alliance

Soviet Union

Episode 2: Units

Episode 2 focuses on the conflict between the United Republic and the Latin Junta and the adition of neutral parties, and these are the new units of that episode.

Latin Junta:

  • Mexican Infantry  
  • Argentinian Trench Mortar  
  • Junta Saw Walker 
  • Junta Missile Roc  
  • Junta Airboat
  • Junta Hulk

United Republic:

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Hover Platform
  • Marshal
  • Quartermaster


  • Jungle Critter – Gorilla Mole
  • Jungle Critter - Cocoon Worm
  • Jungle Critter - Flesh eating plant
  • Jungle Critter - Giant Spider
  • Jungle Critter - Whip spider
  • Jungle Critter - Killerbee
  • Jungle Critter - Spider swarm
  • Jungle Critter - Titan Ant

Episode 3: Units

Episode 3 gives the African Warlords new units as well making them the focus of the story.

All factions:

  • Nuclear Suicide Truck


  • Kenyan Rhino Rider
  • Mk IV Trebuchet Tank
  • Mk IV Salvaged Tank
  • Drill Tank

Hostile critters

  • Locust Swarm
  • Wild Overlord
  • Wild Elephant

Episode 4: Units

Episode 4 focusses on the Shogun Empire with the story being: The Emperor is dead! Long live the Emperor! This also means that they recieved new units.

Shogun Empire

• Akuma-Class

• Daimyo

• Shaolin Monk

• Korean Explosive Archers

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