Backstory (prior to joining the SU military) Edit

Vandimire was born in the town of Elvougrad located in what is called stalingrad which vandimire calls Elvougrad

The revolution! Edit

Vandimire joined the Soviet revolution miltiary a few years before the invasion of the EA. several traitors where shot by the then young Private on the Red wall.

The EA-Su war Edit

when the EA Su war started vandimire was shipped out towards the southern fronts and soon became a sgt and soon a KomDiv which he soon lost after a EA sniper nearly killed him

The Traitor wars (called the rouge wars aswell) Edit

Vandimire fought against a SE advance with his comrades but soon got injured and got put in a coma when the rouge wars ended he woke up to being a SE POW which was then relised back to the SU

The Elections of 1930 (2 or 3 terms back [year was a joke i have no idea the real yr techncially in March of war at this point]) Edit

In a close duel between yuri and 11ty4 yuri won and soon we had the makeings of a war starting

The Yuri-11ty4 civil war Edit

when yuri started his first term..... he wasnt exactly liked by the peoples of the SU he was highly overpowered by his followers while the more....... oh whats the word............. tactical?.......stratgic?........INFLUANCIAL! people where on 11ty4s side Vandimire never was influancial but he fought along side 11ty soon it was put into a debate and so on shots fire verbally and mentally by both sides and a few people including vandimire fled to the LJ or Aw or other nations to fight from exile against the Yuri controled SU

The Su-Lj war Edit

Now this war is still going on currently [at the time this was made] the LJ started a campain against the SU for 'attacking' the UR or other LJ allies within months (a few ingame days) the LJ had control of most of the eastern side of the SU and slowly advancing towards moscow they are a few stone throws and tank charges away from the Red Wall the lands of the UR in shambles as teh SU and the SE wethir meaning to or not carve away at teh UR lands the EA and the AW give freindly skirmishes between each other ,

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