Vulture Tank
UNI VultureTank Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Armour
Sight: 30
Health: 200
Mobility: 4
Damage: 100-150/100-150
Range:  ?
Costs: Gold = 10,000

Gems = 1200

Deploy = 4E, 4C

Weapon Anti-Armor/Force
1st ability Rocket
2nd ability Heavy Rocket

The Vulture tank is a recent addition to the soviet armies. With the rest of the world making increased use of rocket-based weaponry, Soviet High Command could not afford to lose that arms race. With the introduction of the V2 launcher by the European Alliance, the Soviet generals understood the usefulness of rocket propelled weaponry first hand.

Utilizing the chassis's of the Flak tank, the Vulture is armed with a double barrel rocket launcher that allows him to fire projectiles at great distances. Armed with armor penetrating missiles and high explosion missiles, the Vulture can make short work out of enemy artillery installations or enemy rocket launchers.

Used in combination with the massed armor and infantry charges of the Red Army, The Vulture has proved invaluable with its 100mm thick armor. This allows the vulture to take a few punches but still remain combat active even when facing some of the toughest enemies out there.

No skins.

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